Launching Early 2019


StyleRow is a centralized hub for interior designers and architects to easily source
high-end products, manage projects and collaborate with teams.

Join StyleRow to work smarter.
Discover boutique brands, international artisans and big brands all in one place.
Team collaboration has never been easier. Goodbye pasting links and endless follow up!
Curate your Product Library. Never forget a brand or product you love again!
Create rich, interactive client presentations in minutes.
Life is hard. Sourcing products shouldn’t be.
For the first time, showrooms and brands are together online! Easily source, quote and customize products. No more calls for pricing and specs. Everything you need at your finger tips. It's genius, and finally here.
Everything your firm loves — all in one place.
Tired of having products saved in iPhoto, Dropbox and bookmarks? Our Product Library allows your team to upload images from anywhere, access anytime and curate a design in minutes. No more forgetting what you love.
Easily generate client presentations.
Presenting products to your team or clients has never been easier. No cut and paste. No manual entry. Create gorgeous digital presentations in minutes from your Collection Library. Collect feedback in one place and purchase with the click of a button. It's genius. And it's finally here.
Save time and work seamlessly with your team.
One place to collaborate, design and purchase with the click of a button. The complete project life cycle managed simply and effortlessly. It's like gaining 50% of your time back. You’re welcome.

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